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Hello, lovelies xx

Just a reminder that you're all incredible and the baddest bitches in the universe <3 xx


"Are we punk rock yet?"

- Michael, Luke, Calum, Ashton

-everyone else in the world


Michael is that you?
5sos mean girls - a masterpost


look, we all know mean girls. but what you didn’t know? 5sos was in it. let’s play the film. luke was raised by zoologist parents. it’s his first day at a public school. he meets michael, ashton, and calum. he’ll never know what he missed on that first day of sex ed. now, he’s sitting…


If I could I would so dedicate my entire life to just Michael Gordon Clifford

"I’ve been thinkin bout ya, you know know know // @jordenkeith”


y’all can praise dylan sprouse and calum for “handling the situation maturely” but in the same breathe call madison beer and acacia brinley sluts. smfh

Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel(via hopelesswatermelon)


Why does everyone and their mom hate Nash Grier over a personal preference of shaved arm and “social justice” tumblr just ignores the fact that Sam Pottorff has distributed child pornography on a massive scale by leaking his ex girlfriends nudes (Acacia Brinley). First time offenders face a…


I’m always forgetting how tall acacia is omg